Benton County Fire District #4


Resident Firefighter Position
Updated: January 25, 2017

Benton County Fire Protection District #4 is currently seeking qualified applicants to fill an immediate need and to establish a list for future Resident Firefighter openings. Applications can be found by following the link below or by stopping by Station 420, 2604 Bombing Range Road, West Richland WA 99353.  Applications can be mailed or dropped off at this address.  

Benton County Fire Protection District #4 is a special service district that provides fire protection to the City of West Richland and surrounding county areas.  The fire district was established in 1954 and encompasses 52 square miles. Our calls for service include structure fires, wild land fires, citizen assists, emergency medical calls, vehicle accidents, water rescues, and hazardous materials incidents.  The district successfully passed an EMS Levy in 2010 and will continue EMS transport service for our community.

We are comprised of a combination staff including 17 career staff and about 25 volunteers, with 6 of the volunteers being live-in residents at Station 420.  We operate out of two stations that house 13 fire apparatus, two medic units and one reserve unit, and 4-6 command/staff vehicles.
We have several members that are on specialized Tri-County Teams such as the Tri-County Hazardous Materials Response Team, Technical Rescue Team, and the Tri-County Incident Management Team (Type III).
The district handles about 1200 calls per year, including mutual and automatic aid with neighboring departments. The career and resident staff work a modified Detroit 24 hour shift schedule. In addition, the volunteers are assigned the same shift schedule but respond only if they are available.
Benefit Information:

Tuition Reimbursement
Monthly Stipend of $400 with an opportunity to earn more
Housing, Internet and Utilities provided by the District
Numerous Opportunities for Trainings and Certifications Including:

On-the -Job Experience and Training

Candidate Contact Person:
Bonnie Benitz, Recruit Coordinator
Phone 509-967-2945

Position Requirements:
Age: 18
High School Grad/GED: Yes
Valid WASHINGTON State Driver's License: Must have or obtain Washington driver's license upon appointment
Schooling Prior and Post Appointment:
High School Diploma or GED

Lateral Entry/Prior Experience:
Consideration will be made for those applicants who are currently a resident firefighter or volunteer or have recent experience with another fire district/department. The minimum standards must still be met and a passing score will be required in order to advance in the process. Preference points for prior experience or qualifications will be added to the final score prior to establishing the Resident Firefighter list.

Desired Qualifications:

IFSAC Firefighter I and II
NWCG Firefighter II or higher
EMTB or higher
Currently enrolled or working towards a degree in Emergency Services

Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers:
Must successfully pass a Washington State criminal background check
Driving Disqualifiers:
Must have and maintain an insurable driving record – no more than 3 moving violations within a 3 year period
Drug Use Disqualifiers:
Must be free of tobacco use at any time, whether on or off duty, with accordance of Rule #06-18 Smoking and Tobacco Use adopted October 2006.
Employment Disqualifiers:
Must be able to pass the department written and physical agility test.
Financial Disqualifiers:
Must be able to be bondable

Volunteer Fire Fighter Position Information

Benton County Fire Protection District #4 (BCFD4) is a department that is comprised of volunteers as well as career members.  BCFD4 relies heavily on the volunteers for call response, participation in community events, public education and various other requests for public assistance.
If you are applying for volunteer firefighter and do not have previous experience, BCFD#4 provides a training academy for both wildland and structural firefighting.  After the academy, each volunteer is encouraged to become involved with the department as much as possible. 
Minimum requirements for becoming a volunteer firefighter include:
1. Complete an accurate application.
2. Be at least18 years of age at appointment and eligible to work in the United States.
3. Possess a High School Diploma or GED.
4. Have and maintain an insurable driving record with no more than two traffic violations within the past 5 years.
5. Have a clear criminal history for crimes against people, drugs, firearms, and  etc.
6. Be free of tobacco use, in accordance with the Smoking/Tobacco use rule #06-18 adopted October 2006.
7. Must have and maintain physical fitness for duty and be capable of performing any required firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical activities.
8. Successfully pass a Washington State Patrol back ground check.
9. Live within a reasonable response time to district boundaries or stations.
Recruiting will normally happen once a year, depending on the need for volunteer firefighters, and in conjunction with the spring recruit academy dates.   Applications will be accepted between December 1st and January 15th.  After turning in your completed application, a representative from BCFD4 will contact you.  Applications for Rehab Volunteer, Administrative Volunteer or other General Volunteer will be accepted year round, as these positions have different requirements. 
If you have previous firefighting or EMS experience, your application may be accepted outside the application period on a case by case basis.  If an opening becomes available, you may be invited to participate in the testing and interview process.
If at any time after turning in your application there is a change to your personal information, i.e. address, phone number, or name, please contact BCFD4 District Office with the changes.