Benton County Fire District #4

RAY NEWTON (December 2019) ​

​Meet Captain Ray Newton! Captain Newton has been a career firefighter with BCFD#4 for over twenty years and a volunteer before that for three years. He became interested in firefighting as a child because he had family members who were in the fire service. What Captain Newton enjoys most about BCFD#4 is serving the community in which he lives and the people he works with. Captain Newton has been married to his beautiful wife, Heather for eighteen years. They have one handsome son, David and two rambunctious dogs. During his off time, Ray keeps busy hunting, fishing and watching his son play varsity football for Hanford High School. Thank you, Ray, for all you do for the department and the community we serve!

CAROLINE SMITH (November 2019) ​

Meet volunteer EMT/logistics team member, Caroline Smith. Caroline has been with BCFD#4 since 2016 and is currently finishing the recruit academy. She will soon add volunteer firefighter with our department to her resume! Caroline became interested in healthcare after helping care for her father as he aged. The EMT program she attended got her hooked and she wanted to continue her education in emergency services. She currently is also an EMT instructor and was just accepted to the nursing program at Yakima Community College. She believes the greatest part about EMS is that you are learning. What she loves most about her volunteer experience is the people! She says the fellow members of BCFD#4 are always willing to help teach and practice skills. And says the experience has been very supportive and BCFD#4 is an encouraging environment. She really loves helping our community. She loves pepperoni pizza with basil and pineapple; and she has one dog and 4 chickens that keep her busy. Thank you, Caroline, for all you do for the department and the community we serve!

KAREN DAVIS (October 2019)

Meet volunteer EMT/logistics team lead, Karen Davis. Karen has been an EMT for 25+ years and a volunteer with BCFD #4 for over 3 years. Karen became interested in volunteering after talking with friends at BCFD #1, and after a field fire where local fire departments saved her house and shop. She enjoys volunteering because she loves helping people and gets great satisfaction out of helping patients and making a difference in their situation.

Karen’s favorite movie is a toss-up between, Top Gun and The Breakfast Club. She also keeps busy with her 4 dogs and 30 chickens. She has two sons in their 20’s, and recently became a Grandma for the first time!! Thank you, Karen, for all you do for the department and the community we serve! 

JONATHON LUCAS (September 2019)

​Firefighter Jonathon Lucas has been a volunteer with BCFD#4 since April 2017. He assists on the logistics team, EMS calls, plus wildland and structure fires. Lucas started in the fire service in 2015 when he was employed as a wildlife biologist as a temporary one-year assignment with the US Forest Service and became qualified as a Type 2 wildland firefighter. His areas of expertise are hazardous materials awareness and hazardous materials operations.
What Firefighter Lucas likes most about volunteering at BCFD#4 is the staff, other volunteers and working with the community we serve. Firefighter Lucas’s favorite film is ELF. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jordene, for 38 years and they have one dog, a Jack Russell mix. Thank you, Firefighter Lucas, for all you do for the department and the community we serve! 

MONTE ELMORE (August 2019)

​Monte Elmore has been a volunteer with BCFD#4 for over 20 years! With Firefighter Elmore, volunteer firefighting is a family tradition, his father was also a volunteer firefighter. Elmore would go on natural cover fires with him, which sparked his love of volunteer firefighting.

Coworkers love that Monte is always willing to help no matter what the assignment may be - from, community events such as the Harvest Festival to late night fire calls. They say that he is awesome to work with and always has a positive attitude!

Firefighter Elmore’s area of expertise is Hazmat. He also helps recruit new members to the department. He volunteers because he really enjoys being able to help the community in which he lives and loves the comradery within our organization. He has been married to his lovely wife Rebecca for 38 years and they have two beautiful daughters. Thank you, Firefighter Elmore for all you do for the department and the community we serve!


Meet Lieutenant Matthew Borschowa, another one of our career firefighters with volunteer experience. Lieutenant Borschowa has been in the fire service since 2009 where he worked with Grant County Fire District #5 before starting with us in 2015. And currently is back at Grant County Fire District #5, as a volunteer, to help the community where he and his family currently reside.
Lieutenant Borschowa became a firefighter paramedic after helping people as a camp counselor (2002-2009)  He holds many qualifications within the fire service but, considers his expert area to be in EMS, as he is also an instructor in medical classes, (First-Aid CPR, ACLS, PALS, PEARS, PHTLS, Stop the Bleed, and Advanced First-Aid) 

What Lieutenant Borschowa loves about the fire service, is working in such a tight knit community. Lieutenant Borschowa has been married to his beautiful wife Dana for 6 years. She is also a volunteer firefighter paramedic with Grant 5 and they have two children, a 4-year-old son who loves trucks and a 11-year-old daughter who loves science. They also have two big dogs and a cat. I am not sure where he finds the time but, when he does Lieutenant Borschowa enjoys any Mel Brooks movie! Thank you Lieutenant Borschowa for your service to our community! 

PAUL CARLYLE (June 2019)

Meet Captain Paul Carlyle. Captain Carlyle started at BCFD #4 as a volunteer in 1999 and2006 was offered a full-time position. Captain Carlyle is currently the departments EMS Officer and representative for the South-Central Region EMS and Trauma Care Council. He is also on the SE Washington Incident management team and recently responded to the 243 Command fire, by Royal City.  

Captain Carlyle loves learning and holds many different certifications. He is an Advanced EMT. This certification allows him to start IV’s and administer a couple more medications then a basic EMT. 

Captain Carlyle loves that every day is different. From the 911 medical/fire calls to personnel he works with. He finds that every day is a constant learning experience and the work is challenging and rewarding. We recently switched to a new charting method, Image Trend and Captain Carlyle was an integral part of that process. 

Captain Carlyle loves taco truck tacos, traveling, camping and checking out what is new on Netflix. He has one dog, Luci, who is Border Collie/Shepard mix. Thank you, Captain Carlyle, for your service to the department and our community! 


​Meet Slita Bradley, the department’s Finance officer. Slita provides BCFD #4 with financial and administrative support. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Marketing and is halfway to her master’s degree in public administration. She loves working with numbers and serving the people in our community and believes government finance is one of the most important aspects of government operations. She wants to make sure that tax dollars are spent on what is important to the taxpayers! Most days when she is not attending meetings, you can find her behind her desk at our main station on Bombing Range Rd. In addition to working at BCFD #4, Slita has been a volunteer on our logistics team officially for 4 years but has been volunteering for community events within the department since her hire in 2011.

Slita has been married to her husband, Paul, for 10 years and they are proud parents to two dogs, Jasper and Brownie and one cat, Tonto. Her favorite movie is “The Green Mile” and her favorite musician is Jack Johnson.  Thank you Slita for all you do for the department and the West Richland community we serve!​

BILL WHEALAN (April 2019)Meet Benton County Fire District #4’s Fire Chief, William (Bill) Whealan. Chief Whealan has been in the fire service for over 37 years and with our department for over 7 years! Chief Whealan started his career with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and retired with them after spending 28.5 years at the department. He then spent a year and a half with Hemet Fire department in California, before moving on to Benton County Fire District #4. Chief brings a wealth of knowledge to our department with just one of his strong suits being his commitment to health and safety for all. Without a doubt, Chief Whealan’s favorite part about the job is “being fortunate enough to serve the communities that I have lived in!” 

Chief Whealan is married to his wonderful wife Nikki and has one daughter, two sons and five grandchildren! Both Chief and his wife are animal lovers and have two rescue cats and a dog that adopted them. On his off time, Chief Whealan loves to hike with his wife and dog! His favorite singer is Alan Jackson and favorite movie is Dances with Wolves. Thank you Chief Whealan for your service with our department and to the community, your leadership is invaluable! 

AMIE GREEN (March 2019)
Meet Logistic Team Lead, Amie Green. She was with our department and BCFD#1 in the 1990s and came back to BCFD#4 in 2015. She is married to FF Rex Green who has been with our department for 23 years! They have one son, 19 and one daughter, 17. Amie is qualified in basic first aid and coordinates our firefighter rehab and medical monitoring, for firefighters on fire scenes. Amie’s favorite movies are the Harry Potter films and her favorite food is taco salad! Amie’s favorite part of volunteering is helping the firefighters and the community we serve. Thank you, Amie, for your continued support and years of service!

BOB SHANNON (February 2019)
Meet Captain Bob Shannon, who recently switched from the volunteer side to the career side, within our district. Captain Shannon brings 20+ years of firefighting experience, 10 of which has been with BCFD#4! Prior to volunteering as a firefighter, Captain Shannon spent four years in the United States Navy as a Machinist Mate 2nd Class. Captain Shannon has been married to his lovely wife Tara for 24 years and they have 3 wonderful children and one beautiful grandson. His favorite movie is, The Hunt for Red October and he has one cat and 2 dogs. Captain Shannon’s favorite thing about volunteering is, “the look when I teach someone something new!” Thank you, Captain Shannon, for your service to our country and our community! 

​REX GREEN (January 2019)
Meet Fire Fighter Rex Green, he holds the title for the longest volunteer at our district, with 23 years! He also spent 4.5 years at BCFD#1. FF Green got into the fire service when he met a volunteer in high school. His specialty qualifications at the department are FF2 and he is a team lead. He is married to Amie, who is also a volunteer at our department. They have two children and a dog named Kelly. His favorite movies are Backdraft and Far and Away. He loves to rock out to Twisted Sister! What FF Green loves most about the fire service is the atmosphere of family and the brother/sisterhood. Thank you, FF Green, for everything you do for the department and your years of service! 

Meet a MEMBer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or resident with Benton County Fire District #4 please contact Captain Shannon via email, or by phone at 509.967.2496. Applications can be found on our website at