“We provide a comprehensive inspection into each area to identify potential risks,” stated Lieutenant Kevin Gaidos. “However, homeowners can request that we not survey a specific area or room if privacy is a concern.”


Benton County Fire District 4 offers injury prevention program 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than

one-third of adults over 65 years of age fall each year.  

Falls can lead to hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries,

and are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries

in older adults – and they are mostly preventable. That’s

why Benton County Fire District 4 has launched a program

to reduce injury from slips and falls. 

Firefighter/EMTs will now visit residents’ homes at their

request and perform a comprehensive evaluation of the

property exterior and interior.  The inspections take

approximately an hour.  Once the survey is complete the

Firefighter/EMT will sit down with the homeowner and review

a list of recommendations to reduce the risk of injury from a fall. 

This initiative is the first step to Benton County Fire District 4 launching its own medical emergency prevention program called “FD Cares” (Fire Department Community Assistance, Referral and Educational Services) to reduce calls to 911 and lower health care costs. Historically, the fire district was simply there to put out fires. Now, a large part of what it does is prevention-related including safety inspections, educating the community about fire prevention through local schools, homes and area businesses, and now reducing injuries.  

If you would like to schedule a complimentary fall prevention inspection,

please contact Lieutenant Gaidos at (509) 967-2945 or kgaidos@bcfd4.org.

Benton County Fire District #4