Benton County Fire District #4

Third Quarter 2017 Training Classes

The Third Quarter Training will be assigned in Target Solutions shortly.  Please ensure you attend and participate in the training classes, and make sure that you sign in on the roster in case there is an issue of attendance. We will continue with the Saturday classes in the schedule to help those that aren't able to attend the Wednesday night drills.  These will be either a repeat of a Wednesday night drill so others have an opportunity to attend important training or a standalone class that requires additional time.

There will also be some opportunities for some refresher for the Firefighter II skills, in preparation for the upcoming certification test based on the WSP IFSAC criteria (the test is tentatively scheduled for September 23, 2017).  The skill sheets are the key reference for this.  The web site for this information is here.

Instructor Led Classes

    July 12 - Vehicle Fires and SCBA donning/doffing at Station 420 Compound

    July 26 - Relay pumping, Forward Lay, Reverse Lay at Enterprise Middle School

    August 2 - Haz Mat Operations Review Station 420 Training Room

    August 9 - EVIP Chapters 6 & 7, Wildland Fire Behavior

    August 30 - Truck Company Operations with Benton 2 at Wiley Elementary School

    September 6 - FF1 Skills review - based on IFSAC testing elements at Station 420 Compound

    September 9 - FF1 Skills review - based on IFSAC testing elements at Station 420 Compound

    September 13 - Auto Extrication, including patient stabilization and removal at Station 420 Compound

    September 27 - TBD

Self-Study Classes

  • Look at Target Solutions under the Certifications Tab

All EMS Practical Skills must be done with and EMS Evaluator

  • July 19 - BLS OTEP 2017 - DMCC/MCI
  • August - TBD, but could be a make up for those that need it
  • September 20 - BLS OTEP 2017 - DMCC/MCI HOT

​​Quarterly Training Details can be found at the Target Solutions website.  If you have not yet logged into Target Solutions, please do so as soon as possible.  If there are issues, please contact Captain Dunbar for assistance.

The information on this page outlines the quarterly training requirements. Most classes for the current quarter are listed here with the manner in which they should be completed.  Be sure to check back each month to ensure you are aware of other classes that have been added, as sometimes classes are added during the quarter based on activities and scheduling.

If you have questions, contact Captain Dunbar or Assistant Chief Shannon.